The Storyteller – an experience

I read books for experience.  It takes me through different times, introduce me to different people and tells me different stories.  Yeah,  I know traveling is a better way for these experience,  but that’s not my point. Most of us know, books are sooo am-az-ing.
I came across such a book.  Jodi Picoult’s The Storyteller. Recently I decided to be a fan of good books rather than any particular author. Definitely The Storyteller got into my good books’ list. The narrative is mesmerizing, brings you into plot,  making you a silent spectator throughout the novel. The novel has four different plots intertwind together. Ania, Sage, Minka and Josef. Four different characters and their stories go hand in hand, sometimes even mixed up. You wanna know a short story of vampire type thing,  read this novel. Wanna know a girl who is trapped inside of herself, unable to go forth because of her memories, read it. Wanna know the traumatic experience the Jew had to go through during the holocaust,  read this.  Wanna know how a German boy felt about all this,  read this.  Though it is purely fiction, it takes your breath away with the realistic narration and the flow of events.  The book makes you weep,  makes you angry,  makes you smile,  gives you hope and gives you a tiny little drop of satisfaction before it ends leaving you in uncertainty.  You’ll be like,  “Wait, what..  What..  !” “Oh crap!”
      You are given the choice of putting a label on the final action. Was it a forgiving?  Was it an avenging?  Was it an Upior taking birth?  Or was it a mistake which is gonna haunt Sage for the rest of her life?   Jodi Picoult once again proves that she indeed is a great Story Teller.

Oh by the way if there are any foodies like me are out there, you can expect a feast for your soul. Such long and elaborated detailing of cooking and baking give you the feeling that you are in the kitchen sitting on the table watching Sage knead and knead and twist and turn the dough.  You feel the comforting warmth of the kitchen and smell of freshly baked bread. You feel that eating good food is the closest you can feel to heaven.  I have to say this because, really, talking about this book without mentioning the bread and rolls would be such an injustice to the novel.  And I can’t do that.  I am a just person,  you know. (Head  held high and eyebrows so raised that it nearly touches my hairline)

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