Life of the Party

Melissa McCarthy has the cutest and most innocent face ever. Undoubtedly she was born for the role of Deanna. I am just gonna talk about the movie Life of the Party and how it made me fee. I will be leaving the technical sides out.

I just happened to see the thumbnail of LOTP on Netflix and saw my favourite lady’s face there. I checked the synopsis. A divorced woman is going back to her school to complete her graduation. ‘Huh, interesting ‘. So I watched it. God, that was one of the best 1 hr and 47 minutes of my life. It begins with a happy chirpy mother dropping her daughter off to her hostel in the beginning of her senior year. Her happy sweet life comes to stand still when her husband asks for a divorce. At first she don’t know what to do. The only thing she regret every single day is dropping out of college with only one year left for graduation. So she decides to rectify it. Deanna once again comes back to the school, this time to complete her senior year and graduate. The struggle and fun begins there. She’s excited like a new kid on her first day of school. She is excited about every little things that contribute to her school life.

Oh how I wish if I had a friend or roommate like her during my hostel days. My school life would have definitely been a better one. Words are not enough to express the joy I had when I was watching this movie. Just not Deanna, even her bestfriend Christine (Maya Rudolf ) is also a gem.

Deanna Miles is, without any doubt, the sweetest, coolest and funniest person I have seen on movies. She is such a beauty too. How she totally came in to the spirit of a highschool without losing her earned wisdom and world view is actually inspiring. She is older than every other students in the school. Her teacher is her ex- classmate. But she was excited about it too. The only thing that bothered her was her daughter’s comfort. Luckily she had the sweetest daughter . Let’s say Maddie got her mother’s nature. The gang she first meets, oh such horrible people so selfish and arrogant that they harass Deanna whenever they meet. Just Kidding. The gand is also a bunch of sweetie pies. Why would I attempt such a terrible jock on harassment, is a question to me also. But you can watch the movie if you haven’t already.

All in all the movie was just what I needed. It cheered me up like no other movie ever did. Just seeing Deanna smiling made me feel like “Everything is fine”. I had a smile on my face just seeing Deanna talking and talking. I have to say my sincere gratitude to the script writer, casting guy and the director for such a treat. Bless the soul who chose Melissa McCarthy for this role. It is such a feel good movie that says ‘Have fun people’. It tells us how we can enjoy even the smallest things in our life. I am going to say that my best decision so far in 2021 was to watch this movie. I will probably put this movie on the “Movies to watch if you are upset’ list. I would say drop everything now and watch this movie.

I would really like to know if there is any other movies which have similar themes or effects on people. You can suggest me such good movies. Also which is your favourite movie that made you so cheerful?

Isn’t she the cutest, people?

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