A pinch of insight

You know who can give us the best motivation, we ourselves. Talking to yourself either out loud or in mind as an internal conversation can do wonders. I have learned that. I will give you an instance.

I was learning to drive and three of the instructors were standing and watching me. There are poles which were put up to mark border and we are supposed pass beside it and not touch or hit it. And I in a panic hit two iron poles. Dang! Luckily the instructors didn’t say anything. But I myself was ashamed. Nevertheless I started my soliloquy and it went somewhat like this. “It’s okay. It happens, you are here to learn, just like everybody else. But our aim should be to cover an eight (In India we are asked to drive through an ‘8’ to get the two wheeler license) without the foot touching ground and not hitting a pole. All you have to do is focus more and preplan your movements. You will be fine “

Believe me, I was totally fine after that. And for the rest of the day I didn’t hit any pole, nor did I touch the ground with feet. That’s when I realized that I can help myself. I can motivate and support myself just like any other person could do. When I thought about it I felt like to sharing with my people. So here I am sharing my little home remedy.

How do you comfort yourself in situations of stress or crisis. Do tell us. We would love to know. Ciao Buddies…

9 thoughts on “A pinch of insight

  1. I took a motorcycle driving class a couple of years ago and was terrified. I had to talk myself into going back on day 2. (there is something in me about not giving up on a commitment.) There were no poles but I did skid out and crash the motorcycle. I was going slow, and didn’t get hurt (physically). I was the oldest person in the class, the shortest (hard to reach ground with my legs!), and the only one who had never ridden before.

    I had to motivate myself A LOT… and was fortunate that the other students were very supportive. Hey, one guy was lifting my motorcycle back up after the crash before the instructors even got to me. And they were all so amazed I got back on motorcycle…and passed the final test, not even last in the class either. I was the only on who got cheered when I got my completion certificate – that’s how much they knew this cost me mentally.

    So yeah, we can talk ourselves into being better… or talk ourselves into quitting, not doing anything. Thoughts turn into actions!!

    Oh, I decided to not buy a scooter, even though I got the license. The terror was too real to deal with the learning curve.

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