What Happens When You Try One More Time ?

Do we try enough? I am just wondering. You know, we want or need something and we try for it. Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t. Did we try enough to earn or learn it? I am not blaming anyone or accusing or anything. I am just thinking. See, all I am asking is what if we tried a little more.

I’ll tell you my story. I was a terrible artist. All I knew to draw was a cartoon frog with bellybutton and two small dots as dimple. Not that I was embarrassed or anything. It was kind of cute and I was proud of it. Whenever we had a program in our class to decorate the blackboard we used to draw pictures on it. And as my contribution I would draw a happy little frog on the corner of the board. But that’s where my art began and ended. Well the frog wasn’t the only thing I knew to draw. I knew the common things like a butterfly, a simple five petaled flower etc. But that was so common and anyone could draw that. But the frog thing was my master piece. I waited for my artist classmates to draw pictures on my notebooks. I waited for them to draw on birthday cards for my best friend. Because let’s face it, I cannot always put a frog on everything because obviously it will start to look creepy.

So years passed and I still sticked on to my dimpled frog. And then the Corona happened. Everything was shut down, schools colleges, hang out places everything. Thankfully I had just finished my post graduation also so it was like recess time for me. One year and not much to worry about. I learned cooking and I ate them all. I read books, I watched movies and then I got bored. That’s when I decided to learn a new skill. First I drew random and simple pictures. Then I tried to draw some Madhubani drawings. To my surprise I did not so bad actually. I made a decision to watch YouTube tutorials on drawing pictures and follow their instructions. And I was good enough.  In short, I was so glad and proud of myself that I tried it. I wanted to have a new skill when I come out of this pandemic, now I have it. Though the pandemic is not over yet.

Also it’s not so nice to use ‘in short’ when I have already poured out such a long paragraph. All I was trying to say is that we need to think if we try enough. May be we do. I don’t know. But I wasn’t trying enough before and I was happy with my froggy and settled for it. Then I decided to set a goal and tried and tried to achieve it. Now I have it, in me. Don’t think I am a polished or an accomplished artist. I am still an amateur. Till now I didn’t have it. Now I have a bit of it. A little bit of something is better than nothing.

So I am telling you this, if you have planned on trying ten times or have already tried a ten times, make it a eleven . Try one more time. Just try.

Ciao Buddies….

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